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Smart heaters from Glamox will cut your electricity bills.


A large share of household expenditure usually goes on heating. That’s why the most effective way for a family to make savings is normally to cut their heating costs. Saving money couldn’t be easier with the new range of Glamox heaters: Glamox 3001.

Glamox 3001 has a low surface temperature and is safeguarded against overheating. Its curved design projects heat out into the room and you don’t need to put up with the smell of burnt dust or see your walls ruined by sooty marks any more. The Glamox heater is child-friendly and has no sharp edges. The 3001 series is designed to reduce your electricity bills. With the benefit of Glamox’s plug-in thermostats, you can heat your home simply, economically and more comfortably. On average, you can save 10% of your costs by switching to the use of electronic thermostats in your heaters. And you can save a further 15-20% by turning down the temperature at night and when you’re not at home. Savings like these just couldn’t be easier with Glamox 3001.